DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket hits PS3 for subscribers and non-subscribers

If you are a big fan of the NFL football season is here already with pre-season games already being played. I would wager that means some of you super fans out there are already feeling slighted by the fact that you can't see very game that is available on your TV thanks to blackouts and such. DirecTV fans have been able to get the NFL Sunday Ticket for a while now so they can see every game that is on during the weekend.DirecTV and Sony have announced that NFL Season Ticket is now available on the PS3 game console for subscribers and non-subscribers. I'm having a hard time figuring out if you are a subscriber why exactly you would need access on your PS3. I guess that would allow you to watch the game in a room that might not have a satellite receiver available.

The price for the package for subscribers is $50. If you are a non-subscriber, the price might give you more than a little sticker shock. You will need to shell out $339.95 to access the NFL Sunday Ticket on your PS3. That means a single season of the NFL will cost you more than you can get a new PS3 for.