Direct Methanol Fuel Cell - Samsung's answer to the common laptop battery

Laptops generally have two major faults not experienced by their desktop bretheren. One being the lack of power for a decent price, the other is battery life. Obviously you don't worry about battery life on your desktop because it's plugged in all the time. Samsung has been hard at work trying to solve one of those issues, and is making great progress.

Samsung recently showed off their Direct Methanol Fuel Cell on one of their Q35 laptops. They boasted that the fuel cell could potentially power the laptop for an entire month. Unfortunately, the extended battery life does come at a cost to your mobility as it was nearly twice as wide and tall as the notebook.

While they are are still a couple of years away from releasing something small enough to entice the general consumer market, it is good to see that they are making considerable progress. I'm just hoping that Sony doesn't start producing these, as we really don't need a new type of exploding battery.

Samsung Displays Updated Fuel Cell for Notebooks  [via dailytech]