Digitize your 35mm pictures with this USB scanner

No one uses 35mm cameras anymore. Okay, most people don't use them, I still know a few photographers that refuse to move into the digital age because they think the older 35mm film has a better look to it. Regardless if you have upgraded to digital, you're bound to have some negatives or slides lying around. What to do with them?

Why not scan them into your PC and convert them to digital? This USB negative scanner will take care of that for you. Just a simple press of a button is all that it takes. It scans at 1829 dpi, so your pictures will look their absolute best on your PC.

There are plenty of scanners out there that already have a negative/slide attachment, so I'm not really sure why you would want to purchase a separate device that can only do this one function. For the $100 price, I wouldn't bother.

Portable USB Scanner turns Film Negatives into Digital Photos [via everythingusb]