Digital watch packs micro-generator for power

If you are a watch geek, this one will get your watch lust up I reckon. What you see here is an interesting digital watch that has a little generator inside that powers the watch by the motion of your arms. This self-powered style watch has been around for a long time in the mechanical watch world where the motion of your arms keeps the watch wound up and working.

The watch has dual sapphire crystals with one of the digital watch face and the other over the rotor for that little micro-generator that keeps the thing powered up. The watch stays powered for 45 days so it won't go dead overnight on you. The watch features LED backlight, dual time zones, alarms, and a perpetual calendar.

The watch also has some sort of OS behind the scenes. That would mean that updates might come to add other functionalities to the watch as well. It's cool looking for a digital watch. The big downside to this watch is the price; it sells for $5,500. The black watch is a limited edition. A silver version is available as well for $5,250.

[via Wrist Watch Review]