Digital Storm outs new Enix gaming PC

Digital Storm has a wide range of gaming and multimedia computers to its credit. The company has added a new gaming rig to the lineup and the machine is really cool looking. The new gaming PC is called the Enix and uses the Intel Sandy Bridge platform.

The machine has a really cool chassis that is a simple looking black case that is taller and narrower than your typical computer chassis. The case is black with red accents and looks like something ATI would have shown off at a trade show. The mainboard inside the chassis is a micro ATX form factor unit and it has CPU on it that can be overclocked to 4.7GHz.

Despite the smaller size of the machine, it can also be crammed full of dual GTX 580 video cards. The mainboard is rotated inside the chassis to put the ports at the top of the case for easy reach and the machine has a hot swap drive bay on top along with a USB 3.0 port. The machine has a wide range of options with a starting price of $1132 and an ultimate configuration with a GTX 580, and Intel Core i7 CPU for $2160.