Digital Storm announces new LaserMark service to customize your PC

When it comes to buying a computer the gamer and enthusiast out there often goes for a machine with power and looks. Many people like to build computer with cool lighting and other mods to the case to set their machine apart from the masses. Digital Storm makes gaming machines and has for a long time now.

The company has announced a new option for customizing your computer even further when you are ordering a machine. The new service is called LaserMark and it allows the buyer to specify whatever they want to be on the side of the machine. You can have your favorite game logo etched on the side or choose a design out of a bunch of options.

Digital Storm says that they etching a buyer's likeness from a photos, favorite game logo, favorite game character, name, and just about anything else. You can see the laser-etching machine in use in the video below. The LaserMark system works surprisingly fast.