Digital shower Grohtherm Wireless

Wireless is everywhere today. We have wireless remote control, wireless mouse and keyboard and wireless Internet. It makes perfect sense to have a wireless shower. The Grohe Wireless Digital Shower allows homeowner to configure and operate from any room. The system is highly configurable, allowing each members to set the temperature that suites them. For example, I can setup the system to set the temperature to cold in the morning or warm for a relaxing shower in the evening. This is especially nice for those cold winter mornings.

The main control features intuitive dials for flow rate and temperature control. The really smart GROHE Turbostat technology reacts quickly to any changes in water pressure to ensure your showering comfort. As a result, this prevents accidental scalding.

The remote control features three-program selection buttons and a safe start and stop button. The remote relays your preferred settings to the main control.

This luxury doesn't come cheap – setting you back £744.

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