DigiPower Jump Start Slim Battery Pack Costs $29.95, Adds Plenty of Juice

Evan Selleck - Aug 2, 2010
DigiPower Jump Start Slim Battery Pack Costs $29.95, Adds Plenty of Juice

As our gadgets get more advanced, one of the things that seems to be getting left behind, more often than not, is our battery life. As we use our toys more and more throughout the day, our patience gets tested when we see that the battery quickly goes from green to red, and we’ve no way to charge it while on the go. But, that’s why portable battery packs exist, we imagine, and thanks to DigiPower, we’ll have a remarkably small one available for purchase soon enough.

The Jump Start Slim Battery Pack is a quarter of an inch thick, and only weighs two ounces. Basically, that’s small enough to forget that you’re even carrying it with you. DigiPower says that they’ll sell this little guy for only $29.95, and the battery inside of it will be of the 1100mAh variety.

But, the big question: how much extra time will it get us in our gadgets? Well, DigiPower suggests that if you use it with your 3G-enabled smartphone, you’ll get about 3 hours of extra talk time. As for video playback, that will get you about 7 hours, and music a powerful 21 additional hours. If you need to know how much life is left in your external charger, you’ll get to use the 3 LEDs to judge where the life of your Battery Pack is. There’s an on/off button, too. It will work just fine with a multitude of USB connectors, so if you’ve got several devices that use both micro and mini USB, you will be good to go. At the time of this writing, there wasn’t any mention of the Battery Pack wasn’t listed on their site, but we’re sure that will change in due time.

[via I4U]

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