Digiboo Redbox rival launches in airports

Digiboo is a new company that aims to be something of a mix between Vudu and Redbox – offering a physical kiosk that allows users to rent or purchase a movie in digital downloadable format. The titles will be available on Flash drives, allowing customers to view their content on a laptop, tablet, or other device that has plug-and-play USB functionality.

At least for now, Digiboo seems to be targeted to the airport market. The company thinks it will have success in offering the instant content to users who need something to kill a few hours and aren't interested in a book, and/or failed to bring their own form of entertainment for their flight. It's a perfect place to target people since, well, they can't go anywhere until their flight begins boarding.

So far, Digiboo has set up kiosks at the airports in Portland, Oregon, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and Seattle. They have 700 downloadable titles available. And the pricing is actually on par with other digital download services, letting users "rent" a movie for two days for $3.99 (the content becomes unplayable after it expires), or buy it for $14.99, making it available to watch permanently. Redbox does exist in a handful of airports, but because of the hassle of needing to return the movies after a day or two, it has failed to take off.

[via Investors.com]