Digg details further plans for Google Reader replacement

Digg released results of another one of its surveys today, detailing how people read and share RSS feed posts. The surveys from Digg are types of research that they're conducting in order to build the best Google Reader replacement out there, which they initially announced last month. Based on the survey results they got, Digg is planning accordingly.

In the survey, Digg asked respondents what "read-it-later" service they use the most, what sharing platform they use the most, and whether or not they would pay for a good Google Reader replacement. The results were certainly surprising, with 40% of people saying they would pay for a Google Reader replacement, and that sharing to social media sites isn't a huge deal for a lot of users.

Based on the results, Digg announced that their RSS reader "will include seamless sharing to" services like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Path, and email. As for integration with read-it-later services, Digg plans to support all of the big services, like Evernote, Readability, Instapaper, and Pocket.

Digg also said that the initial launch of their reader "may not have a robust social functionality in place," but the company's ultimate goal is to eventually add that, since social is "an important part of the Digg experience." As for whether or not they'll be releasing the reader free of charge, Digg didn't say exactly how that'll work, but we're guessing from their tone that they'll be charging money for a possible paid version of the reader, while maybe offering a free ad-based version as well. Dig says that a beta version of their reader will release in June.