Diablo II Resurrected technical alpha kicks off this week: How to opt-in

With Diablo IV still a ways off, there are a lot of Blizzard fans out there who are looking forward to the release of Diablo II: Resurrected. The game is coming at some point later this year, but in the lead up to launch, Blizzard has indicated that it'll be hosting multiple tests. The first test – a technical alpha – is kicking off later this week, and it'll give fans an early look at the game.

Blizzard has detailed the content and classes that will be available in this technical alpha, and it isn't a shock to hear that we'll be fairly limited. Players who gain access to the alpha will be able to play through Acts 1 and 2 using the Amazon, Barbarian, and Sorceress classes – three of Diablo II: Resurrected's seven classes.

Blizzard says that there won't be a level cap implemented during the technical alpha, so if you fancy yourself a Diablo II power leveler or speedrunner, you'll be able to level up to your heart's content. You'll only have a limited window of time to do that, though, as the technical alpha kicks off on Friday, April 9th at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT and runs until Monday, April 12th at 10 AM PDT/1 PM EDT. Blizzard also notes that this technical alpha will only focus on single-player, with multiplayer tests coming later this year.

So, how do you get into the technical alpha? You'll first need to opt-in to the technical alpha by heading over to the Diablo II: Resurrected website, logging in with your Battle.net account, and then clicking the "opt-in" button. Sadly, not everyone who opts-in will be able to participate, but Blizzard does say that participants will be selected randomly and emailed with instructions on how to access and download the alpha in the coming days, so at least everyone has an equal shot of getting in.

Those who participate in the technical alpha will be able to record and stream the game, so at least those who don't get selected will be able to head over to platforms like Twitch and YouTube to see the game in action. Blizzard says there will be at least one more test beyond this technical alpha, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for information on those test. For more on this particular alpha test, be sure to check out Blizzard's blog post about it.