Dexim Debuts New Super-Juice Power Case For iPhone 4

If you want more runtime for your iPhone 4 odds are you will be searching for a battery case or external battery soon. A new case has surfaced from dexim for the iPhone 4 called the Super-Juice Power Case that will give you more runtime from your gadget. The case has an internal rechargeable battery that charges via an included micro-USB cable.

The battery has 2000mA of power and uses lithium polymer tech. The battery promises 40 more hours of music and can extend your talk time up to six more hours, and your gaming time for up to ten more hours.

The case has a kickstand on the back to prop the iPhone 4 up in landscape orientation for watching videos hands free. A button on the back illuminated a LED battery indicator can be pressed to show how much power is left in the battery pack. The case fits the iPhone 4 only and is white. The MSRP is not announced at this time.