Dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck Controlled By iPhone

The iPhone has a lot of accessories on the market that will let you control other things using the phone. At first we saw universal remote controls for TV and then we started getting some cool toys like the Griffin HELO TC helicopter that you could control with the iPhone. If flying toys isn't your bag, you might be interested in this new Dexim AppSpeed Monster Truck. The little truck is controlled by an iPhone app and the gyroscope inside the iPhone.

The truck comes with a little RF transmitter that you put onto the bottom of the iPhone. That turns the motion of the iPhone in your hand into signals the truck can understand. If you don't like the motion control method, you can change the app to touch control allowing you to use a finger to drive the truck. The sensor mode control seems easy enough though. All you need to do is tilt the iPhone in the direction you want to go and the truck moves. It also has three presets on in the app to make the truck zigzag, spin, or dance to music.

The app also controls the speed that the truck moves and the toy can be used inside or out. The truck comes in red or black versions. The truck itself has a rechargeable battery inside and can be charged from USB or an included quick charger is offered for on the go power. You can also control the truck using the iPod touch or iPad. Check out the video to see the truck in action. You can pick one up for about $70.