Developer spots usage record for iPhone 3,1 in iBART app

Apple fans and developers keep their ear close to the ground to find the new tidbits on coming Apple products from all sorts of sources. Often those sources include usage logs and deeply buried profiles in updates and software from Apple. Developer Pandav has discovered a usage record for an iPhone model that has not been announced.

Pandav discovered a usage record for an iPhone 3,1 in its analytics application. The unannounced Apple device was used to access the iBART transportation guide for the San Francisco train system. The usage numbers correspond to those attached to devices by Apple.

References to the iPhone 3,1 were spotted in August reports MacRumors, but this is the first time that the iPhone 3,1 was spotted in the wild. The iPhone 3GS was the iPhone 2,1. Perhaps the 3,1 is the oft rumored and talked about Verizon iPhone?