Developer says PSP was doomed from the start

Shane McGlaun - Nov 19, 2010
Developer says PSP was doomed from the start

I have two PSPs around my house and neither of them get played and never got played much. The original console was a gift for my son for a good report card. He played it for a few months and then told me the games weren’t “cool” and it has sat in a drawer ever since. I have played it too and came to the same conclusion. The PSP really sucks. I have more fun on my iPhone and my son plays his DS all the time.

One developer of some of the most popular games on the PSPs has come forward and said that the PSP was doomed for the start. The developer is Ru Weerasuriya from Ready at Dawn. This firm developed the two God of War games for the PSP.

Weerasuriya said, “It was doomed from the very get-go. There are some things which aren’t conductive to calling it a true portable gaming platform and calling it a connective platform, although it has wi-fi.” It’s easy to assume that the hate being heaped on the PSP by the developer is coming now because of all the rumors that the PSP2 is coming. If that console isn’t a hit, portable gaming from Sony will be in trouble.

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