Destiny video shows off armor, weaponry, and loot system

Destiny, which will be released this fall, has a new video out showing some of the customization that's going to keep you playing. From the armor your character wears to the arsenal of weapons at their disposal, Destiny is showing their mettle. They've also got a neat way for you to pick up loot you win in battle.

Weapons are divided into thee separate categories, kind of like beginner, intermediate, and pro. The Devs say the "primary" weapon is the simple "rifle or hand cannon", a special weapon like "a hold-out shotgun" is also available, along with a heavy weapon. The big blasters are things like "rocket launchers and belt-fed heavy machine guns".

The way you interact with your weapons is also interesting. No matter what kind of character you create, your arsenal is available across the board. Want to be a warlock with a rocket launcher? No problem. You can do that, and switch your arsenal between characters.

As unique as the arsenal, you'll also be able to pick up loot from kills you make. That sounds pretty run-of-the-mill, but the emphasis is on you. You make the kill, you get the loot. That's helpful when you're in a battle with a team — nobody's going to take your loot. In fact, they don't even see it. You do the work, you get the spoils. That's really unique.

Check out the video below for a recap from the Development team. They're putting a lot of work into this one, and it already looks like one of the better PS4 titles for 2014.