Destiny 2 on PC requires one-time SMS verification for some modes

Destiny 2 has seen a lot of major changes in the last 23 months alone. After it split from Activision, Bungie quickly recovered ground to make the controversial launch of the game nothing more than a distant memory. It will be competing for attention and gamer time with all the new games have that launched in the past few weeks, especially Cyberpunk 2077, but fans of the online sci-fi shooter still have a lot to look forward to, like the upcoming crossplay support. Before that happens, though, Bungie is addressing the white elephant in the room and requiring SMS verification on PCs in an attempt to curb cheating.

It is admittedly easier to cheat on PCs than on consoles thanks to the platform's relatively more open software system. That becomes more evident when crossplay between PCs and consoles are thrown into the mix but that is a trouble for another day for Bungie. For now, it is addressing one simpler form of cheating, one that tries to circumvent bans by simply creating a new free-to-play (F2P) account on a PC.

F2P PC players now need to make one extra step before they can join certain pinnacle level activities. These activities include, at least for now, Trials of Osiris, Competitive Crucible, and Iron Banner. When they try to access one such mode for the first time, they will be required to go through a verification process which, in turn, requires them to log into their Bungie accounts from a web browser to follow the instructions.

This SMS verification is a one-time requirement and only applies to F2P PC players participating in those pinnacle activities for the first time. It isn't required for those who have purchased one of the expansions, like the recently released Beyond Light. It also isn't required for those playing on consoles.

The idea is to link one account to a specific number, under the assumption that cheaters won't have an unlimited of phone numbers and phones to burn. Bungie does note that it may be possible to change the number that's linked to their account for SMS validation, but that won't be until some update in the undetermined future.