Destiny 2 Beta's biggest issues should be fixed by launch

In case you haven't already heard, there's currently a beta running for the highly anticipated Destiny 2. In the three short days that it's been available to players who've pre-ordered on PS4 and Xbox One, several issues have been prominently voiced by the community. These aren't things like bugs or glitches that you'd expect from a beta, but instead are related to gameplay, such as weapon damage and character abilities. Fortunately developer Bungie has said that many of these concerns have been addressed and won't be present when the final game launches.

One of the most common complaints from Destiny 2 beta players is the scarcity of power ammo in PvE activities. This ammo type is used for weapons like grenade launchers, sniper rifles, shotguns, and fusion rifles, and without it players are stuck using only weapons that were classified as primaries in Destiny 1: auto rifles, handcannons, scout rifles, etc.

The problem with this is that it means fighting large groups of enemies, or the big boss at the end of the strike mission, becomes incredibly tedious, as players don't have the chance to dish out large amounts of damage. The strike boss in particular becomes a giant bullet sponge, and picking away at it with primary weapons becomes the only way to defeat it.

Thankfully this week's blog post on the Bungie website reveals that the developers are well aware of these issues, and they explain that the beta we're playing is based on a build that's already several months old. "In many cases, your feedback is helping us validate changes that were previously made based on internal feedback and playtesting," wrote design lead Rob Engeln.

He continues that changes have already been made to things like the frequency at which power ammo drops, the effectiveness of grenades, weapon damage, and the amount of health bosses have. This means that once Destiny 2 launches in September, players should be having a drastically different experience with relation to these issues.

Unfortunately Bungie declined to comment on the other chief complaint: the drastically long time it takes for abilities like grenades, melee, and Super to recharge. This has been vocalized by the community so much that it's impossible the developer isn't aware. It's almost a guarantee that this is something that will be adjusted in some way before launch, but it makes it a bit frustrating that Bungie won't at least acknowledge it.