Desk Pets launches cool TankBot that can navigate a maze

I am a sucker for remote controlled toys. I have seen a bunch of RC toys that are controlled by a smartphone recently. Most of that stuff is for the iPhone and I have used a helicopter and an RC truck that you can control from the smartphone. A new toy has turned up from a company called Desk Pets International. The toy is called the TankBot and it's a little gadget that looks like a cross between an army tank and a robot puppy.

Naturally, the RC toy can be controlled by the iPhone. It can also be controlled by an Android device as well. That control from smartphones isn't the big feature though. The big feature is that the little TankBot can navigate a maze without any assistance from the user. The toy also has a free-roam mode that lets it just run around your home or office exploring.

A single 40-minute charge allows the toy to operate for 15 minutes. It has headlights for eyes that flash when the toy is idle. It comes in four colors and each color operates on its own frequency so you can play with up to four at one time. The TankBot will hit Toys R' Us and Radio shack for $24.99 and should be available to purchase right now.