Designer makes (nearly) combat-ready Batsuit

If you dream of spending your nights prowling the streets on the lookout for ne'er-do-wells, those dreams just got a little more real (but still aren't advisable): a designer has created a Batsuit that is able to withstand the combat situations a real-life Batman might get himself into, including assaults with blades and punches to the body. It isn't quite as stylish as the latest theatrical Batman suit, and you're not going to be repelling down buildings with it, but it is impressive nonetheless.

It took a lot of prototypes and a Kickstarter campaign, but the resulting suit was eventually finished, including a lot of Kevlar and a cape. The suit is meant to meet real-world needs rather than any supervillian weapons one might encounter. As a result, the video below demonstrates it with a lot of kicking.

The goal was to be flexible and lightweight, as well, retaining the protection properties of the Batsuit without compromising one's ability to maneuver as needed in a perilous situation. More impressive is its ability to withstand attacks from a knife, assuming those attacks are directly at the body armor and not the bits of exposed flesh.

The sleeves between the black armor plates are resistant to knife slashes (though doubtfully not to stabs), keeping the parts of the body between the armor plates protected as well. You can see more at his Facebook here.