Design Town Vintage Style Radio Looks Old

It has a handle on top, like the ones that used to come on your lunchbox, and it has a telescopic antenna. To make matters worse, it only plays AM/FM radio, seriously, who listens to that crap anymore?

So you get three knobs, one for changing between AM and FM, and one for the changing the station. The last is the Volume knob so you can "crank that soulja boy" and then "superman that ho" or whatever it is you do.

It measures 6.9x4x2.6 inches and probably uses some hideously large batteries to power itself, or (gasp!) it has to be plugged in. you can get it in sky blue, or apparently some shade of pink or salmon, whatever you want to call it, it will cost you $15 and appears to be available now.

Vintage Style Radio [via GeekAlerts]