Denon Postponed Flagship Blu-Ray Player DVD-3800BDCI To March

Denon is pushing the release date on the $1,999 Blu-ray player further to March. The flagship DVD-3800BDCI announced back in July 2007 featuring onboard DTS-MA decoder and 7.1 analog outputs was suppose to make its first appearance last Fall. It was put off to late December due to Denon uncertainty in Blu-Ray forecast, which I doubt it has anything to do with Paramount decision to back HD-DVD exclusively...Right! It will be a great match-up against Marantz BD8002 which will be released around the same time; we just have to wait until Spring break. The delay doesn't affect Blu-ray transport DVD-2500BT. But hey, I'm all for it if that is what it'll take to add a RJ-45 (profile 2.0... but in my dream)

[via Impress]