Denmark recreated in Minecraft in its entirety

Minecraft has been used to create some pretty astounding maps, including one of Game of Thrones' Westeros. The latest among these is one created by the Danish Geodata Agency, which re-created the entirety of Denmark, one block at a time.

The Denmark map is made to scale, according to the two people at the Danish agency that made the model. The Minecraft version of Denmark can, it is hoped, be used by students to learn about the environment and urban planning, among other things.

The map was made using topological and geographic data from the agency, which would no doubt have reduced the amount of time it took to generate the digital wonderland. You can see a sample of the large map in the YouTube video above, and can join the server if your Danish isn't too rusty.

As you'd expect, TNT blocks have been disabled, but otherwise those who can get access to the server can play around with the environment. For other recent Minecraft news, check out our Minecraft tag portal.