Deluo GPS Mouse - That's one less thing to carry!

GPS receivers for your laptop are nice for when you're on the road and trying to map out a destination, or you just want to find out where the hell you are. Unfortunately, like most things for your laptop, they usually require you to have yet another thing to carry in your bag. Why not put one inside of something that you almost always have with you?

The people at Deluo thought it would be a great idea to stick their GPS receiver inside of a travel-sized mouse. This is an ingenious idea, as most people carry a mouse with them anyway. Not to mention the fact that you'll likely have the mouse plugged in quite often.

You'll need to shell out $100 for the mouse, or an extra $30 which nets you a copy of Microsoft Streets and Trips. If you're tight on space and need a good GPS receiver, this might be worth looking into.

deluo mouse combines pointing, gps in same package [via technabob]