Dell's ultra-thin notebooks with SSDs hit the FCC

Dell apparently has two ultra-thin notebooks getting ready to hit the market, as they've turned up this week at the FCC. The notebooks sport super lean bodies and SSD storage drives that suggest they may be in the Ultrabooks category to compete with the MacBook Air. But they also manage to squeeze in plenty of ports that should be an advantage.

The two notebooks don't seem to have been announced before. They're dubbed Dalmore 15 and Dalmore 14 with model numbers P19F and P25G. The FCC diagrams reveal that the backside of the notebooks are about as thick as an Ethernet port, which pegs them at about 15 to 20mm thick. In addition to the Ethernet port, they also feature HDMI, a mini-dsiplay port, as well as a couple USB ports. A SATA Flash label on the notebook reveals that it will use SSD.

The frame of the notebooks also feature an interesting design that isn't seen in any of Dell's current models, suggesting that this could be part of a completely new line. The backside is flat but then angles slightly at the corners reminiscent of the angular corner design we've seen on the Motorola XOOM 2 tablet.

[via Wireless Goodness]