Dell XT Tablet PC Confirmed, By Dell

All this talk of an XT Tablet from Dell started with some sales representatives and customers getting info from them about a possible December 11th launch. Then the manual got posted by Engadget proving that it existed, but not adding any weight to the rumored launch date.

Then eWeek comes along, who had a Dell spokesperson not only confirm the tablet's existence, but the December 11th launch date. There will be an event (Dell has those?) where Dell will apparently launch the tablet.

No word on price, or anything like that right now, in fact I'm not even sure Dell will start selling the tablet on the launch date, but they probably will. So, start saving up if you is in the market for a new tablet. There weren't any pictures of the entire tablet that I could find, but here is a couple from the manual.

Dell confirms December 11th Launch of XT Tablet PC [via gottabemobile]