Dell upgrading their workstation line

Starting with the Dell Precision T3400 they are doing some system upgrades with their professional users in mind. Other than their systems being certified by 27 different software vendors for 63+ applications and services, they are also upgrading the hardware.

They are starting with Core 2 Duo processors and the X38 Intel chipset which allows for a 133MHz FSB. On top of that they are adding in processors going all the way up to the Quad Core Extreme processors.

You will be able to get 800MHz DDR2 ECC RAM ranging from 1-8GB in your system. For storage, there are RAID, SATA, and SAS options available. You can even get dual graphics cards including a pair of nVidia Quadro FX 4600 cards in SLI. All of that hardware ought to pull a premium with your protein synthesis or engineering software.

Dell Raises The Bar For Desktop Workstations [via dell]