Dell Streak Android Tablet Pulled Temporarily For Some Updates

The Dell Streak bills itself as an Android tablet with a 5-inch size getting close to being a smartphone. But, it neither has the pocketability of a smartphone nor the larger screen size of a tablet. And, seeing that most new tablets don't dip under 7-inches, it's safe to say that the 5-inch form factor hasn't caught on in popularity. Hence, when Dell recently pulled the Streak from store shelves, it was believed to be discontinued. But that's not the case, according to a store rep.

Engadget contacted a store rep after failing to get any details out of Dell's tight-lipped PR, and was informed that the Streak is not discontinued. The rep revealed that the tablet was being pulled temporarily so that the company could make some updates to the device. Although the rep didn't detail the problems, he did say that it had nothing to do with Android.

Dell first started selling the Streak in August of last year, but has since introduced a larger 7-inch version called the Dell Streak 7. There have also been rumblings that a 10-inch Dell Streak 10 could launch sometime this summer.

[via Engadget]