Dell Streak 7 gets video teardown treatment

When the Streak 7 surfaced at CES, it looked really cool and had some nice hardware inside. The thing that most of us wondered was why Dell opted for older Android 2.2 rather than Android 3.0 like most of the other Tegra-powered tablets was using. We still don't know why the OS is not version 3.0, but we can now see all the hardware inside the little tablet. has taken a Dell Streak 7 and torn the thing down on video. If you missed the official launch of the Streak 7, it has a 1GHz Tegra 2 processor, WiFi, HSPA+ 4G, Bluetooth, and a 1.3MP webcam. The screen is 7-inches wide.

You can check out the video teardown below to see what is inside the thing. I am always impressed by how well packaged gadgets are today.

Via Android Community