Dell Next Up At Penryn Bat

Word on the streets is that Dell is going to be making the jump to Penryn soon. This leak comes from some people that CNet believes to be reliable insiders and they say the change over will take place next week.

So far HP, Toshiba, and Gateway have hopped on board, to varying extents, the Penryn bandwagon. Currently there are 5 mobile Penryn processors, and Dell is tight-lipped with the details of which of those 5 they'll be using, and more importantly, which notebooks of their line will be infused with the 45nm processors.

Other than the lower heat and power usage these processors offer, they also offer performance bumps such as a larger cache, making them well worth the jump. Chances are if/when Dell makes the transition to Penryn, it will be in their higher end notebooks such as the XPS line, so, if you were looking at buying one of their other notebooks, its probably safe the go ahead and buy it, if you were looking at purchasing an XPS system on the other hand, you might want to wait.

[via C-Net]