Dell Makes Official Statement on Venue Pro Delay

Earlier today, we reported that Dell was having some trouble meeting demand for their Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 smartphone. The result was that people who had pre-ordered the device were seeing their expected ship dates get changed, most of which were being displayed as January 6th, 2011. Obviously this wasn't sitting well with potential customers, and now it looks like Dell is coming forward and trying to stave off some of those malicious thoughts. There is a delay in production, but Dell says they are trying.On Dell's official blog, the company came forward and confirmed that, despite the fact they have been trying to ramp up production to keep up with demand, they've run into a few troubles. They do admit that there has been a delay, but they wouldn't elaborate one what this delay could be. As for that estimated December 17th ship date? The company says they are trying to send out as many Venue Pros by that time, but that not every pre-orderer will receive their device by the previously promised arrival date.

Dell does say that they are staying on top of the situation, though, and they will continue to monitor it. Any Dell Venue Pro pre-orderers out there okay with the delay? Or were you really counting on your device getting to you Christmas?

[via PhoneScoop]