Dell leaking like a sieve – new laptops abound

James Allan Brady - Mar 24, 2008

First we get the leak of the Dell Latitude XT2 tablet which will be available this fall. Then today we have rumor of a new semi-rugged notebook from Dell as well as an entire line replacement in the business sector.

The word is that Dell will be replacing the D830, D630, D531, and D530 Latitude notebooks with the E6500, E5500, E6400, and E5400 in 15.4 and 14.1 inch sizes. They will all be based on the Centrino 2 platform, have LED backlit displays, DisplayPort connections, SSD storage options, integrated GPS, and new high capacity batteries.

There is also talk of an ATG or All-Terrain Grade version of the E6400 which is one of the new 14.1” notebooks. They wouldn’t be fully rugged like a ToughBook, just sem-rugged and almost completely liquid-proof. They’ll have a more rugged casing, shock-mounted storage drives, spill resistant keyboards and rubber port covers. Now nothing here has been officially announced so things might change, but these rumors seem pretty solid, and they state that some or all of these notebooks could become available around June.

[via crave]

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