Dell Inspiron desktops get colorful updates

Dell launched a brand new update to their Inspiron line of desktops today. In fact, these new computers feature a much more appealing design and are available in eight new colors, making it so your computer reflects your personality.

These new color options are available for both the regular mini-towers and the slimline towers. Pricing is also said to be much more varied this time around, allowing customers to purchase a computer that fits entirely within their budget.

The range of systems is expected to span between AMD Sempron, Intel Celeron and quad-core Phenom X4 or Core 2 Quad chips. Memory is expected to go up to 8GB and hard drives will range from 750GB to 1TB. Other options are to include ATI Radeon HD video, Blu-ray and more. These systems will be available soon, starting at $299.