Dell Inspiron 1525 now available in the US

James Allan Brady - Jan 3, 2008, 3:01 pm CDT

So, the 1525 is now available for purchase here in the US and is being billed as thinner, smaller, and lighter than its predecessor, the 1520. The 1525’s are 25% lighter at 5.9 pounds and have a bottom end price of $499.

The notebooks will be available in the same colors as the 1520, but they are adding some patterns which are Blossom, Chill, Commotion, and Street. The downsides are that the screen sucks and so do the graphics, they are integrated Intel graphics and the screen has a max resolution of 1280×800.

You can get mobile broadband, wifi in flavors all the way up to draft N, Bluetooth and built in wireless USB. And you can get color matched accessories for the laptop too. But basically it’s a fairly cheap laptop that will get the job done.

New Inspiron 1525: Smaller, Thinner and Lighter than the 1520 [via direct2dell]

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