Dell Inspiron 1525 coming to Australia

Here in the US we merely have rumblings of such a new system being brought to us, with no official announcement, and Dell is based here. But in Australia they actually have the new Dell notebook up for pre-order, what gives?

Anyways, we at least know the specs of the darned thing now, it seems to have a 15.4-inch screen, 160GB HDD, and Intel graphics by way of the GMA X3100 chipset. There is also a nifty processor upgrade to the Intel Core 2 Duo T7250 operating at 2GHz with an 800MHz FSB.

At current conversion rates the previously described notebook will retail for about $1224 USD. They are slated for shipping on January 9th, so maybe we'll get a release or at least an announcement by then.

Dell Debuts Inspiron 1525 in Autralia [via digitaltrends]