Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Touts Haswell Chip, 8-Hour Battery Life

Dell has just outed the Inpsiron 11 3000 series, a brand new notebook that sports Intel's latest generation of Core processors. This budget-priced notebook intends to get an edge over its bigger and more powerful siblings by utilizing Haswell's improved performance while keeping battery life at optimum efficiency.

Intel has been hard at work in pushing its Haswell chips, especially the ultra-low voltage variants, as the first CPU of choice for portable devices such as tablets and notebooks. The usual mantra of higher performance at lower battery consumption and improved heat dissipation is its battle cry. As seen in the previous weeks, manufacturers are quite intent on basing their products on Intel's current offering.

There is no reason to think that Dell would be any different, even in its low-cost offerings. There's only so much one can do or put on a laptop without stretching the price, but Dell took advantage of Haswell's features to squeeze as much as 8 hours of juice from the battery. That is quite impressive and would probably be more than enough for a notebook that's probably not meant to be a super-powered workhorse.

The other features of the new Inpsiron 11 aren't there to impress, except probably for the 11.6-inch capacitive screen that has support for multi-touch input. What's interesting though is that Dell is said to be excluding certain software that usually come pre-installed on computers, what people affectionately refer to as bloatware.

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series is set for launch on October 3 with a price tag of $379. We're not going to be expecting stellar features, but it should probably just be enough for basic portable computing needs.

VIA: The Verge