Dell halts production of Axim line

Dell Axim users will be disheartened to hear that Dell has decided to stop production of the entire line. Wait, no one is still using a Dell Axim? I guess that would explain why they decided to kill it off.

It's not that people aren't buying the Axim, it's that people aren't buying PDAs anymore. I laid my iPAQ 1910 to rest a few years ago and haven't looked back. It's just not a smart idea to carry around a phone and a PDA when you could just have one device that does it all.

Maybe next, Dell can start working on building higher quality machines and revamping their customer support. Well, that's probably too much to ask, but at least they are apparently listening to customers these days.

CrunchGear Boooring Edition: Dell Axes The Axim [via crunchgear]