Dell debuts Studio XPS 7100 desktop computer

Dell has announced a new Studio XPS computer today that can be equipped with the recently introduced AMD Phenom II X6 CPU with Turbo Core technology. The company is called the Studio XPS 7100. Dell is also offering machines with other new AMD quad-core Athlon II processors.

The new machines are aimed at 3D gaming and multimedia users. The XPS 7100 is packed with features like a 460W PSU promising enough power for expansion in the future. The rig can be fitted with 16GB of DDR3 RAM and up to 4TB of storage space.

Connectivity features include eSATA, optical SPDIF, HDMI, and more. The machine has a memory card reader and supports SATA 6GB/s HDDs. Pricing for the Studio XPS 7100 start at $499 but will go up quickly depending on the options chosen.