Delkin Devices announces SD to CF adapter

Most Flagship DLSR comes equipped with dual flash-based storage feature, one for SDHC/SD media and another slot for CompactFlash. The option has its unique function and can be set up to record images of simultaneously onto both storages. It's fairly useful for working pro with critical assignment, a piece of mind real time backup solution in the event of disaster. But getting the images out of SDHC format media to you computer can be tricky; most card readers do not read SDHC media. Furthermore, to get them out at fastest rate, you may need the UDMA-firewire card readers which are only compatible with CF cards. Delkin Devices has this unique SD to CF adapter to maximize use of both media.

The plug-n-play Delkin's SD-CF adapter is compatible with SD and SDHC media; and can be fully inserted into any device that takes CompactFlash cards, makes it suitable to take advantage of high-end, CF-only devices' transfer speed. It is available now at Delkin online for an MSRP of $29.99