DelivAir concept uses drones to deliver packages straight to the customer

Cambridge Consultants has unveiled DelivAir, a newly developed delivery drone concept that aims to deliver small packages directly to the recipient. Whereas other concepts have drones delivering packages to the customer's home or office, DelivAir envisions delivering the packages straight to the person wherever they may be — the side of the road, on their front porch, or in the parking lot outside their work, for example.

The last part of the drone delivery concept is the trickiest part, and various companies have come up with various ideas on how to solve it. Some imagine having drones equipped with technologies that allow them to remotely navigate the package into the correct yard; others plan to pack that tech directly into packages themselves.

Cambridge Consultants' idea is different, and involves using a smartphone to guide the package's final moments. As demonstrated in the video above, a drone fitted with a small box navigates straight to the customer via their phone GPS, then authenticates the recipient visually. The last part involves the customer pointing their phone's camera flash at the sky.

The flash LED will blink with a special coded pattern, essentially authenticating the transaction. The drone will use that light to guide over the recipient and deliver the box into their hand. The recipient then manually detaches the package hook by pressing a couple release buttons.

The drone takes over from there, retracting the rope via a winch. The drone leaves and the customer is left with their package. By tracking the recipient's phone via GPS, there's no need to offer an address, eliminating that entire restriction. Keep in mind, though, that this is only a concept at this point.

SOURCE: Cambridge Consultants