Def Jam Rapstar gets support for Kinect

If you aren't familiar with Def Jam Rapstar the video game, it's easy enough to wrap your brain around what the game is. The video game is sort of like Rock Band for rap fans and it focuses on Hip-Hop and social networking for the players.

Def Jam has announced that the game has been updated to support the Kinect device on the Xbox 360. Using the Kinect the player can take advantage of the cameras in the Kinect system and make their own video. The game also has editing tools for the videos and when they are done; the player can submit the videos to social networks and have battles with other players.

Kinect support is coming to the game with a patch that can be downloaded right now in the US and the patch will hit Europe in January. The game with the software only sells for $39.99 and the game with a single wired mic will cost you $49.99.