Death Star ping-pong ball isn't a moon

I can't say that I've ever seen a ping-pong ball that I would look at and think, "that's pretty cool." However, a Japanese artist has created what is undeniably the coolest ping-pong ball in the history of ping-pong balls. This thing started as your typical orange table tennis ball before he worked his geek magic and turned it into an incredibly detailed replica of the Death Star from Star Wars.

I can only imagine how difficult this would be or how exactly the artist car all these jagged edges out of the thin ping-pong ball. I can only assume it took hours with a really sharp X-Acto knife. The internal structure of the ping-pong ball was created with some sort of plastic board.

The internal structure was built and the ping-pong ball was cut to its Death Star shape as separate pieces. I want to know how the internal structure was placed inside the ping-pong ball. I would assume the finished outer ping-pong ball shell was cut in half and placed over the top of the internal structure.

[via Inhabitat]