Deadpool roasts Ryan Reynolds in reaction video with big MCU teaser

Marvel's most foul-mouthed superhero is back with another Maximum Reaction video, this one all about Free Guy — the Ryan Reynolds movie that was originally scheduled to hit theaters last summer, but ended up delayed multiple times due to the pandemic. In the video, we get to watch Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool while he roasts...himself as Guy.

The video revolves around Deadpool and Korg giving commentary on the upcoming Free Guy movie in traditional YouTube reaction-video style. Deadpool takes some subtle jabs at, well, himself in the role of Guy, the main character of his upcoming movie. He quips, as Deadpool, that it's "super insulting" to compare him to Ryan Reynolds, and he calls Reynolds the "Canadian Cumberbatch."

Likewise, Deadpool takes a jab at the "fridging" of a character in Deadpool 2 with the superhero's meta-humor style fans have come to love. The term itself is based on a scene from a Green Lantern comic book — and, of course, Ryan Reynolds played the Green Lantern in the largely forgettable 2011 movie.

The video has multiple layers to it, such as Deadpool taking a jab at Korg about whether he has a Disney+ show (we'll never get a Deadpool Disney+ series because, well, the character isn't exactly family-friendly). Deadpool likewise points out Taika Waititi in the Free Guy clip; Waititi is also the man behind Korg, who quips that his real-life self is "quite nice."

Of course, there's another important aspect to this reaction video, which is that it seems to represent Deadpool's official arrival in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. "Any tips on getting into the MCU there, Korg?" Deadpool asks the stone character. After some rambling advice about climbing a mountain, falling down, and giving up, Korg suggests Deadpool check his email for a message from his agent.