Deadly Snowbound Contraptions For This Winter

Tis the season to head to the wintery slopes and attempt to kill oneself. As if regular skiis and snowboards weren't enough a danger to mankind, new weapons of self-destruction during the winter months are popping up all over the place. I just detected two such relatively new contraptions, the Railz Snowskate (pictured below) for the snowbound skateboarder and the Skateslider for the snow queen ice skater.

I always thought the snowboard was the slopes version of the skateboard, but boy was I wrong. You can't possibly injure yourself quite as badly with the snowboard since its sheer size deters many dangerous manuevers such as jumping on and sliding off metal bar handrails. Priced at $89.95. You can check out the video after the jump.

And for the more elegant, there is the Skateslider, a pair of mini skiis that attach to any pair of inline skates. Supposedly, the movements used with the Skateslider are the same as in regular skating, making it very easy to learn for the experienced inline skater. Priced at $70.


Railz Snowskate – from sidewalk to slush puppy [Via: RedFerret]

Skateslider [Via: Ohgizmo]