Dead Xbox 360 - The RRoD strikes!

There comes a time in every Xbox 360 owner's life when they realize that they can no longer play games on their beloved console. It will be a day that they never forget, the day they saw those three red lights flashing at them, mocking them. They're like a giant red middle finger from Microsoft. Yes folks, yesterday was that day for me.

I've just recently moved, so my home theater equipment isn't set up yet. I wanted to watch a movie without messing with my surround sound, so I thought I'd just pop the DVD into my 360 and save myself the trouble since I had already hooked it up and done a little rocking out on it the day before. I should have known something was wrong when the menu screen's color looked a little off. I was heading to open the tray when the screen went all checkered on me and the worst screeching sound I've ever heard came out of my TV. Quickly I shut off both the TV and the 360, I took a deep breath and turned them both back on.

Then it came, those three lights that I've been dreading since the day I bought the console. I knew that it was inevitable, since the failure rate on the console is higher than my grandfather's blood pressure. Nonetheless, I can still see those lights flashing whenever I close my eyes as if to say "Microsoft hates you."

Okay, enough with the melodrama. This really does suck, and I really have been waiting for it to happen. I know that there's nothing I did to cause it, as the console had been off, and the room temperature was right around 71 degrees. I've sent off for a box from Microsoft, and it should be here this afternoon. Now I just have 3 weeks to kill until it returns. I'm about halfway through Crisis Core, and have some old PS2 games that I've never gotten around to finishing (not to mention the Wrath of the Lich King beta), so I've got plenty to keep my busy.