Dead Space fans can probably expect some bad news from EA

Last month, Electronic Arts confirmed that the first Dead Space game is being remade for modern platforms. That announcement confirmed various rumors we heard in the lead-up to EA Play Live, but the rumor mill does not stop churning just because something was made official. Eagle-eyed viewers will note that while EA confirmed Dead Space, it didn't reveal when the game will launch. However, thanks to a new report, we have a better idea of when the Dead Space remake may arrive.GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb – the person who originally tipped the Dead Space remake – reports that we may not see Dead Space launch until fall 2022, putting it at just over a year away. GamesBeat learned this information from anonymous sources who are familiar with the project. When reached for comment, Electronic Arts simply told GamesBeat that it had nothing to share about the game's release date yet.

Assuming these sources are accurate, that means we've got quite the wait before the Dead Space remake is in our hands. It isn't a surprise to learn that we're still a long way off because the remake was only given a brief teaser trailer at EA Play Live that ultimately didn't show much of anything.

Good news on that front, as Grubb's sources claim that EA does plan to show more of the game before the end of this year. It's possible that could take the form of a trailer debut at The Game Awards in December. Whatever it is, we're hoping that it shows us some actual gameplay footage from the remake.

Regardless, it's probably a good idea for Dead Space fans to settle in because the release of this remake is likely more than a year away. Then again, if anyone is comfortable with waiting, it's probably Dead Space fans, considering that the franchise has sat dormant since 2013. We'll let you know when EA has something official to share about Dead Space, so stay tuned for more.