David Jaffe thinks Nintendo = Ronald

Have you guys ever seen the movie Can't Buy Me Love? It's been a really long time since I've seen that movie, but I seem to recall it was about some guy that mowed lawns and hires a popular girl to be his girlfriend for a month. That really doesn't seem to fit into the gaming world, however, that's the first thing that David Jaffe (of God of War fame) thought of when he heard Nintendo's comments about only "geeks and otaku" wanting extra storage on the Wii.

I have to say that in reading his blog, Jaffe actually makes a really good point. Nintendo was a geeky company that had geeky friends (customers), and now that they've put out the Wii, they're making frineds with the popular crowd (traditional non-gamers) they're forgetting about their old friends. With that recent statement about "geeks and otaku" they've essentially shit on our house, much the same way Ronald did in the movie. I don't care if you do it literally or figuratively, you don't shit on your friend's house.

We can only hope that Nintendo wises up and finishes off the movie by going back to their geeky roots while still finding a way to get the girl. Wait, who is the girl in the equation? Maybe it's this girl.

[via MaxConsole]