Datacolor Spyder3HDMI calibrates your TV through HDMI

If you have ever calibrated a TV for color accuracy you know how incredibly time consuming and frustrating it can be. There are a slew of options on the market which claim to make this process easier. Some of them are a complete waste of money and the ones that work well usually pack a pretty hefty price tag and include some sort of "eye" to aid in the calibration process. A company called Datacolor is bringing a new approach to the table in the form of HDMI tuning.

"Consumers are making significant investments in their home theater systems but often lack the knowledge or proper tools to get their big screen TVs to perform at optimum levels. Spyder3HDMI takes the frustration and guesswork out of calibrating your TV and simplifies the process by embedding the software and step-by-step instructions directly into the TVs operating environment. Once calibrated, consumers will see an amazing difference in the viewing experience, as well as a reduction in their energy consumption because a calibrated TV is more energy efficient." Christoph Gamper, Vice President, Consumer Business Unit, Datacolor

Basically the device promises to automatically calibrate your TV with no outside input. While this all sounds very promising the degree of autonomy suggested probably isn't going to come to fruition. If I had to guess I would say that users will  still have to adjust the color manually using the TV controls.  While the device to be shown at CES 2010 may not be what we had in l0ng as it takes some of the tedium out of calibration, I am totally fine with that.

[via CrunchGear]