Dashlane's new Password Changer makes security a snap

Password management can be tough. Every site you visit wants you to forge a relationship via log-in, and it's tiresome. Social log-ins are convenient, but don't offer a whole lot of security. You could create a new log-in each time, but that gets tough to manage. On top of all that, random hacks and security breaches can toss your sense of online security into chaos, and have you scrambling to switch all your passwords anyway. Today, Dashlane is introducing a new tool to help ease your mind about your digital security.

Password Changer lets you select the passwords you already have stored via Dashlane and change them on the spot, with only a few clicks. Without having to run the gamut of logging into each site, finding the password change feature there, then creating and saving a new one, Dashlane will let you perform the task via their service.

The downside is that the compromised site must work with Dashlane. A lot of large entities do; Amazon, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, and Twitter are all compatible with Dashlane. The company says Password Changer will work with about 75 sites on launch.

Another caveat is that your bank probably doesn't work with Dashlane, so the most critical site you visit isn't going to be able to take advantage of this quick-change feature.

Dashlane's password manager is free, but that's just to keep your passwords safe. For $39.99/year, you'll be able to sync your passwords across devices. It's not yet clear if Password Changer, which is still in beta, will be part of Dashlane's free service, or if you'll need to pay for it.

If you're not managing your passwords, Dashlane is a good option to look at. If you're already using something like 1Password, an annual subscription for Dashlane might not be worth switching.

Source: Dashlane