Das Keyboard 4 packs clicky mechanical keys and multimedia controls

Das Keyboard has been making some of the coolest mechanical keyboards out there for several years. The company made its name on the back of a keyboard years ago, that was so loud and clicky it came with a set of earplugs for your coworkers to wear in the office. Das Keyboard is back with another version of their clicky mechanical keyboard that looks very cool.

The new keyboard is called the Das Keyboard 4 and it comes in two versions. The Professional version comes with the keys labeled in the traditional QWERTY method. The Ultimate version of the keyboard comes with completely blank keys for the touch typist who knows where everything is.

Printed keys are the only difference between the two versions of the keyboard. They both have gold plated mechanical switches. Two version of the switches are available including the Cherry MX Blue with lots of clicky tactile feel or the Cherry MX Brown for a lighter and less clicky typing feel. Both versions have a USB 3.0 hub built in and NKRO over USB to eliminate the need for a PS2 adapter.

Both version also feature a volume knob and dedicated media controls for adjusting volume. Rather than flip out plastic feet to prop the keyboard up, the Das Keyboard 4 has a magnetic footbar that can be used as a ruler. Either version of the keyboard can be had for $169 with the Cherry MX Blue switches or $173 for the Cherry MX Brown switch.

SOURCE: Das Keyboard